How Investing in a Metal Roof Saves Money

Hard working Americans want to invest their hard earned money in order to receive the best return. Many investments can be risky, but average Americans want to know their money will be available when they need it. This is one reason why home investment is full of possibilities. It allows for improvements on one’s residence over time. Payment on a mortgage can be like putting money in a savings account each month, since home owners receive money back at the home’s sale. Home ownership also provides tax cuts, further allowing individuals greater access to their money. One way to increase a home’s resale value and yield the best return on one’s investment is to invest in a metal roof.

Investment in a Metal Roof

Investment in a metal roof requires added up front cost. However, its long term savings more than pays for that investment. In particular, the more permanent graded steel enforced by a stone coating from Erie Construction can easily reduce insurance and energy costs and requires little to no maintenance for the life of the home. Erie’s stone coated steel roof offerings are available in Dimensional shingles that mimic the look of traditional asphalt shingles, Wood Shakes that mimic the look of traditional cedar shakes, or Spanish Tiles, reminiscent of old clay tiles. Home owners can get the look they want without the problems that arise from traditional roofing materials.

Money Saving

Even with the initially greater cost of a metal roof, the savings over time are impressive. Insurance companies often provide a safety discount, because these metal roofs act as an added safety measure. Quality metal roofs from Erie withstand elements while creating a barrier against water damage, decreasing maintenance costs. Energy costs are lower, since the roofs are covered with a substance that reflects the sun. The roofs themselves are made here in the United States from the best materials, resulting in roofs that last longer than traditional asphalt roofs. The warranty on the roof can even be transferred to a new owner if the property is sold.

Since hard working Americans need to invest their hard earned money, their homes are the most obvious and least risky choice of investment. A quality metal roof can result in further returns on that home investment. Thousands of customers over the last thirty-plus years have increased their home’s value and received investment satisfaction through Erie. Invest wisely. Choose Erie.

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