Easy Transportation In Pittsburgh Says “Nick Bova”

Mention Pittsburgh to someone and the first thing many will think of is the steel mills. Though the steel mills have been gone since the 1980s, for many, Pittsburgh is still thought of as the air and water polluted area to avoid at all costs. But, today’s Pittsburgh couldn’t be farther from that old industrial mindset. Today’s Pittsburgh is a headliner in technology. It’s also working on clean energy and is commuter friendly. Of course, for some areas, cars may be the preferred mode of transportation, but buses, light rail, walking, and even bicycles are just some of the convenient ways to get around in this up-and-coming city.


Whether driving yourself or using an Uber, vehicle transportation will most likely always be part of this city. Unfortunately, with automobile travel comes occasional traffic jam. This situation, of course, can add time to a commute, but with many other modes of transportation available, there will eventually be fewer vehicles on the road as commuters more frequently use other public modes of transportation.


For a quick trip across town, many times it’s easier to take a bus than it is to drive yourself. Pittsburgh offers many bus and train routes that make it easy to get across town. Their interactive app makes finding a bus or train stop simple. The app also lets riders calculate their fare and allows riders to pay as they enter and ride either way, up to three hours for one price. The city also hosts both a Greyhound bus and Amtrak train station. These nearby stations allow for convenient travel to farther destinations.


Much of Pittsburgh’s downtown lends itself to the area’s pedestrians. Walking from one location to another is safe and convenient and provides a bit of exercise. Many also enjoy bicycling around town. In fact, Pittsburgh offers bicycle rental, allowing both locals and visitors alike, a fun yet efficient way to get around town on their own power.

It’s clear to see, as “Nick Bova” has said, transportation is easy in Pittsburgh. There are so very many ways to get around.

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